Some tips for doing CR exams

Some tips for doing CR exams

First and foremost, ALWAYS remember to prepare carefully. Professional exams like CIPS ones are expensive, don’t waste your time and money when you cannot commit to strict disciplines.

On the day of the exam, make sure that you are in good health and good mood. Confidence will be your second biggest asset in any exam (only after preparation).

Now, everything is fine: you have practised over and over on the subject, you feel absolutely confident. Start the exam now.

Now you see the question, you may see something like this:

Initially you may find overwhelmed by this question. It does not matter, take a deep breath, spend at least 5 minutes to outline your key ideas on the questions. Try to recall things from your memory.

To questions with scenarios like above, demonstrate your ideas by quoting the facts from the scenarios. Doing exam on computer will be more convenient in this task, but not all students are allowed to do the exam in this format. Some countries only have the constructed exams to be organised in May and November on paper.

It does not mean that students who take paper-based exams are less advantageous than the others. With pen and paper, students may demonstrate their ideas by graphs and tables more easily.

To questions without any scenario, students are expected to demonstrate their points by providing relevant examples. Examples can be extracted from Supply Management or your real-life work. Therefore, preparing some examples is also important when you are learning for a CR exam, especially L4M1.

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