Materials Handling Equipment – Part 2

Materials Handling Equipment – Part 2

The term ‘material handling equipment’ is relatively familiar with people working in warehouse areas. It encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, tools and storage equipments. Typically, a warehouse is used to store items, and then move them to where they are needed. The easier it is to move items, the more efficient your warehouse can be. To increase efficiency, you need to have the right tools for the job – it will make your employee’s lives easier, and cut down on the backbreaking strain they’d otherwise be exposed to with improper equipment. In CIPS L4M7 book – Whole Life Asset Management, the author has mentioned almost type of warehouse equipments with description for each one. However, we would like to provide image and some relevant information for each equipment to let you understand and apply for your job easily

TURNTABLE TRUCK features articulated front wheels for easy manouevring

ROLL CAGE is wheeled cage that is made up of dolly-like platform with wire or steel mesh sides. Some have two mesh panels that are removable, and others have four

ORDER PICKER is manual or powered device – some with ride-on capability and some without. This allow for low-level, medium-level and high-level picking of various items. Many are equipped with forks to allow transfer capability of larger picked boxes. Higher-level and narrow or very narrow -aisle versions have the ability to elevate operators on the front platform to higher racking to pick items.

PALLET TRUCK is designed to move either euro pallets or bottom-boarded pallets. Pallet truck is equiped with “forks” which fit into the gaps at the bottom of pallets. When a lever is pulled, the pallet is lifted against the ground and can then be freely moved around the warehouse. When at the next position, the operator releases the lift mechanism and the pallet can be placed on the floor or pallet rack

PALLET STACKER is designed to lift and stack pallets. This one is fully mobile so can move easily around the warehouse. An operator would typically sit or stand while driving like a counterbalanced, reach or straddle lift truck.

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