Material Handling Equipment – Part 1

Material Handling Equipment – Part 1

The term ‘material handling equipment’ is relatively familiar with people working in warehouse areas. It encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, tools and storage equipments. Typically, a warehouse is used to store items, and then move them to where they are needed. The easier it is to move items, the more efficient your warehouse can be. To increase efficiency, you need to have the right tools for the job – it will make your employee’s lives easier, and cut down on the backbreaking strain they’d otherwise be exposed to with improper equipment. In CIPS L4M7 book – Whole Life Asset Management, the author has mentioned almost type of warehouse equipments with description for each one. However, we would like to provide image and some relevant information for each equipment to let you understand and apply for your job easily

DOLLY consists of stack and sets of wheels (either casters or rollers) under the stack that allow the dolly and the heavy object on top of it to move easily and smoothly. For moving in a straight line, rollers is ideal. If you want to move manoeuvrability, dolly with sets of casters will let you swivel and turn. We suggest some notices about using dolly:

  • Do not overload the dolly
  • Lower the load onto the dolly – do not drop it

SACK TRUCK (hand truck) is an L-shaped box-moving handcart. It comprises a small base platform with two wheels at the base and a larger vertical structure. A small ledge to set objects on flat against the floor when the sack truck is upright. When moving, the truck and object are then tilted backward based on the vertical structure until the weight is balanced over the large wheels, making otherwise bulky and heavy objects easier to move

FLATBED TROLLEY consists of a basic platform whith four or six wheels and a fixed handle which is used to either push or pull the platform with the object on it

TOTE TROLLEY have fixed spaces for closed or open totes. These are effective for multiple-item storage journeys or multiple-order picking

SHELF TROLLEY consists of multiple shelves which allow boxes or loose stock to transfer to or from storage. These are also availble with caged sides and backs

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