Common themes of L4M1 questions

Common themes of L4M1 questions

Unlike OR exams, CR exams such as L4M8 or L4M1 ask specific questions (often with scenario). It is hard to dictate where is the focus areas of these exams. We do a quick research on the Principal Marker reports to see which are the themes of L4M1 questions.

Mar-24Stakeholder management Compliance and added value outcomeCentralised procurement structureLegislations in public sector
Nov-23Five rightsE-catalogue Conflict of interestThird sector organization
July-23StakeholdersProcurement cycle stagesPolicies and procedurePrivate sector organizations
May-23Supply chain managementAdded value of Procurement and Supply CycleERP systemThird sector organization
Mar-23Stakeholder managementE-Procurement systemsOrganization infrastructureRegulations in private sector
Nov-22Five rightsE-ProcurementProcurement policiesThird sector organization
July-22Procurement related factorsStructured procurement processProcurement structuresEconomic sectors in procurement
May-22Stakeholder managementConflicts between compliance to process and achievement of positive outcomeProcurement policiesCompetition public accountability, Value for money
Mar-22CAPEX & OPEXApplication of Kraljic's matrixERP systemsContribution of procurement and supply in increasing market share
Nov-21Stakeholder identification, mapping and managementElectronic procurement systemsILO conventionsProcurement in public sector
Jul-21Five rights and KPIsContract termsGovernance in procurementDifferent sectors in the economy
May-21Supply chain managementRole of specification, effective supplier selectionDevolution and centralisation of procurement functionObjectives of charities and impact on procurement
Mar-21Total cost of ownershipElectronic procurement systemsProcurement policiesStandards, regulations and legislations
Jan-21Total cost of ownershipStages of procurement cycleDisadvantages of a procurement structureImpact of private and third sector's objectives
Nov-20Five rights of procurementElectronic procurement systemsProcurement structureIncreasing market share and procurement

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5 thoughts on “Common themes of L4M1 questions

  1. Please help me. I failed all the courses on level 4,
    l4m2,l4m3,l4m,l4m7 . Even when I repeated I still failed. In this November I am writing l4m1, l4m5,l4m6

  2. Good morning sir/madam I need serious help 🙏 I tried twice to write all modules for Level 4 but I failed and got 62 on some modules

    1. Hello Goitsemang, we are ready to help you. Can we continue to discuss on whatsApp? Our WhatsApp is +84 387 301 575. Pls add us to chat more. Thank you!

  3. Hello, I am Charlotte, I failed L4m1 and L4m8, I am writing in November, please assist on answering questions

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