CIPS LEVEL 5 – Managing Supply Chain Risk (L5M2)

CIPS LEVEL 5 – Managing Supply Chain Risk (L5M2)

Hello CIPS students, it’s me again. As you know, we’ve been offering Level 4 practice papers on Udemy with very high rating. However, my colleagues and I think that we should not stop at providing practice questions. Ultimately, our mission is to help you become a respected procurement professional, not just a person with CIPS Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Therefore, we roll out this product: The Revision Toolkit.

The Toolkit contains short and comprehensible lessons as well as illustration graphs and small quizzes. Basically, we guide you through every sections in the book and some tips for the exam. Not only that, but we also extend your knowledge by adding extensive reading materials. You may find interesting articles about guarantees, or thorough explanation of each payment method in international trade, or recent development on penalty and liquidated damages clause.

It is intended to help you understand the knowledge from the study guide. Furthermore, you can find the answer for every Check, Apply and End of Chapter questions in the book.

Currently, the Toolkit consists of reading articles only. We’ll add video in the future update.

Finally, there’s still what you want the most: the practice question. It is available at the end of the Toolkit.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get our practice test with a special discount. Use the coupon code CIPSAUG to buy our practice test MANAGING SUPPLY CHAIN RISK L5M2 – PRACTICE QUESTIONS for the lowest price possible.

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