CIPS L4M8 Procurement and Supply in Practice

CIPS L4M8 Procurement and Supply in Practice

As you know, L4M8 is the final module for CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply. To some extent, L4M8 summarises all knowledge from other modules. It should be taken as the last exam. You may need the knowledge from other OR modules to write the essays in this exam.

An L4M8 exam has 4 questions, each question represents a learning outcome (or a chapter in your study guide). Usually, L4M8 exam questions contain scenarios and students are required to apply relevant theories/knowledge to the scenario. Though students understand the knowledge, many still struggle with how to write the answer, especially when detailed application and explanation are expected. In the Principal Marker reports, the assessors often note that weaker responses lack sufficient details and gain lower marks as a result.

This practice test is designed specifically for anyone sitting L4M8 exams. The practice test includes:

  • A set of constructed response questions with detailed answer covering all key learning areas in 4 chapters of L4M8 module
  • A guidance on how to answer the question regarding CIPS exam format
  • Tips to approach the question with a long scenario

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