The great e-Learning

The great e-Learning

High-quality online learning such as Cordie’s e-Learning will boost your performance in the exam.

Since 2018, to senior CIPS students, many things have changed. New syllabus, new exam format, new fee structure, new materials, etc. These changes are dizzying, especially to students who had already enrolled in the courses and the exams before. To support learning, CIPS also publishes new books, e-books and e-Learning. We welcome this approach as CIPS students scatter around the world, soft copies and electronic learning will help them study anytime, anywhere. But is that enough to pass the exams?

In fact, the format of the materials (soft or hard copy or e-learning) is not as important as its content. What confuses the students during the learning is that the contents overlap and conflict each other. If the material is structured logically, with many illustrations and clear explanation, the students retain the knowledge better.

A screenshot of Cordie L4M1 e-Learning

Thus, before engaging in the learning, you should choose your materials wisely. This can be done by an Excel spreadsheet as you usually do with your supplier. The sheet will contain the following criteria:

  • Price
  • Quality, including comprehensiveness and intelligibility
  • User friendliness
  • Ability to be used without Internet connection
  • Availability of practice questions

Here is an example:

PriceQualityUser-friendlinessUsed without Internet connection?Practice questions?
Cordie’s e-Learning£200 (8 modules)Comprehensiveness: It contains all LOs and ACs
Intelligibility: There is no conflict, ideas are presented by bullet points with concise explanation. Full of graphic illustrations.
Yes, easy to use on both PC and mobile devicesYes, with Moodle app from Google Play and App StoreYes, questions are given at the end of each section.

You can try yourself a demo of Cordie’s e-Learning here.

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