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What you will learn in L4M8 Revision Course:

  • This course will help you master the key knowledge of L4M8, which is essential for passing the exam. You will also get updated on the new syllabus changes to prepare for the exam.
  • Get personalized feedback on your performance and learn how to improve your skills on L4M8
  • Practice with a variety of questions that cover different topics and formats
  • You can communicate with the tutor anytime through email or WhatsApp and ask any questions or concerns you have about the module. You can also choose a flexible study time that suits your schedule and preferences.

What time does the course start from?

The course will commence on 1st April. Classes will be held on weekdays, Monday to Friday. The starting time is 6:00 pm British Summer Time (BST), which corresponds to 8:00 pm Central Africa Time (CAT), and 9:00 pm Dubai Time.

The class will cover all the essential topics and provide opportunities for hands-on practice.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us via whatsApp +84 387 301 575. We are ready to support you!



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