Materials Handling Equipment – Part 6

Materials Handling Equipment – Part 6

The term ‘material handling equipment’ is relatively familiar with people working in warehouse areas. It encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, tools and storage equipments. Typically, a warehouse is used to store items, and then move them to where they are needed. The easier it is to move items, the more efficient your warehouse can be. To increase efficiency, you need to have the right tools for the job – it will make your employee’s lives easier, and cut down on the backbreaking strain they’d otherwise be exposed to with improper equipment. In CIPS L4M7 book – Whole Life Asset Management, the author has mentioned almost type of warehouse equipments with description for each one. However, we would like to provide image and some relevant information for each equipment to let you understand and apply for your job easily

FLOOR SCALE is set into walkways, in packing ereas or in dock areas. It is possible to weigh individual boxes or groups, pallets or stock cages. Weigh labels can be printed and some organisations link this to the packing list and delivery information to show detail for transport billing and vehicle loading

TRUCK SCALE (US), WEIGHBRIDGE (non-US) or RAILROAD SCALE is a large set of scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated.

The key component that uses a weighbridge in order to make the weigh measurement is load cells.

CONVEYOR BELT SCALE can be installed to check that the contents of a box match the items expected. In modern distribution centres, a package label can be read, the consignment identified, and the actual weight compared to the expected weight with items outside expectation held for checking. The conveyor may change the route of package to match the handling requirement of lighter or heavier packages.

PALLET TRUCK SCALE, also known as a PALLET JACK or FORKLIFT SCALE, is an industrial tool used to lift, move and weigh pallets of goods simultaneously

COUNTING SCALE is small scale with the ability to weigh items conventionally but can also count items by first providing a single item to weigh – after which it will show the number of items and the total weight. Some scales can be linked to printers to produce labels

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