L4M7 Focus Areas

L4M7 Focus Areas

These are some common learning areas that CIPS often asks in the exam. However we can not assure that they will not ask other areas of knowledge.

  • Factors influencing the location of warehouse
  • Barcoding
  • RFID: features, usage, benefits and disadvantages
  • Warehouse equipment
  • Pallet
  • Automation in warehousing: AGV
  • Types of inventories: materials, work-in-progress, finished product
  • Dependent and independent stock
  • ABC classifications
  • Obsolescent and redundant stock: how to mitigate the risk of obsolescence?
  • Costs of inventory
  • The use of MRP and ERP
  • Just-in-time and Lean
  • Inventory measure: Cost of goods sold, rate of stock turn, service level
  • Whole life costing: cost elements, net present value
  • Environmental factors in decommission and disposal of asset.

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L4M1: Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply

L4M2: Defining Business Needs

L4M3: Commercial Contracting

L4M4: Ethical and Responsible Sourcing

L4M5: Commercial Negotiation

L4M6: Supplier Relationship

L4M7: Whole Life Assets Management

L4M8: Procurement and Supply in Practice

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