How many exams should I take in each exam series?

How many exams should I take in each exam series?

As we have mentioned earlier, CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply is largely self-paced. The decision on the number of exams you should take in each exam series depends on your own learning style, your confidence and your budget as well.

From our own experience, you should not take more than 3 exams in an attempt so that you have enough time for revision and ‘digest’ the knowledge. You should also combine modules which share some similar subjects to minimise your learning effort.

Below is our suggestion:

  1. First attempt: L4M2, L4M5 and L4M6. These three modules overlap each other on some topics. For example, L4M2 and L4M5 talk about cost analysis, price analysis and sources of information. L4M5 and L4M6 also share on forming collaborative relationship and communication skills. Learning Outcome 3 of L4M2 and Learning Outcome 2 of L4M6 discuss about stakeholder management (in L4M2 this topic is quite narrowly focused on specification development).
  2. Second attempt: L4M3 and L4M4. For anyone without background in laws, finance or import/export, these two modules are particularly hard. Especially if you look at Result Statistics, you will definitely see that L4M4 is truly a confidence killer. However, if you have robust knowledge on liabilities, guarantees, transfer of risk, transfer of title, Vienna Convention on the Sales of Goods, and market dialogue in public sector regarding specification development, then reading on Incoterms, payment mechanism, EU procurement procedures will be a lot easier. Furthermore, ethical standards that you learn from Learning Outcome 4 of L4M4 can help you with Learning Outcome 2 of L4M3.
  3. Third attempt: L4M7, L4M1 and L4M8. Though L4M7 is always the module with the highest pass rate, this module discusses very distinctive subjects from other OR modules like warehousing, inventory management and total cost of ownership (TCO). Fortunately, you may also demonstrate your knowledge on TCO in L4M8 exam. L4M1 and L4M8 are two comprehensive modules, their topics cover almost every corners of the whole Diploma programme. That is the reason why we advise you to finish your Diploma journey by taking these two modules.

Other possible combinations that you could take:

  1. Two modules each attempt
    1. L4M2 and L4M7
    2. L4M5 and L4M6
    3. L4M3 and L4M4
    4. L4M1 and L4M8
  2. Mixed
    1. L4M1
    2. L4M2 and L4M5
    3. L4M3 and L4M4
    4. L4M6
    5. L4M7 and L4M8

Do you think that other combination works well for you? Let us know via email

4 thoughts on “How many exams should I take in each exam series?

  1. I’m a degree holder in procurement and supply chain management and I want to apply for cips, what will be the process and the course content.
    I also held there are some exemptions?

    1. Asalaam alaikum warahumdullahi wabarakatu for degree holder u start from level 4.thats the exemption instead of starting from level two or three

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