Does CIPS publish their past papers?

Does CIPS publish their past papers?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. CIPS did publish their past paper from 2018 backward. From 2019 onward, they don’t continue this policy. Even past papers of 2013 syllabus are removed from CIPS website. In my opinion, CIPS stops publishing their past paper because they don’t want student to learn by rote.

The new policy regarding past papers has made students stumbled over the new exam format. But there are the other ways to improve your exam results.

1. Objective response (OR) exam

OR exams are particularly hard because they cover wide range of knowledge. Even a small definition that appears only once in the book and is ignored by most students can become a question in the exam.

But passing OR exams is not an impossible task. Regular practice is key. You can make up the questions by yourself or purchase our practice tests.

2. Constructed response (CR) exam

Like CR exams, there is NO past papers for CR exams. But fortunately, you can guess the past papers based on Principle Marker Reports.

For example, the report for L4M1 on July 2019 says that “The question focussed on the structures of a procurement function. Some candidates were unable to successfully demonstrate knowledge of the disadvantages of the procurement structure described in the scenario and candidates ability to discuss and justify those disadvantages varied widely and therefore fewer candidates were able to score higher marks on this question.” The question would probably ask about analysing the centralised/devolved procurement structure described in the question scenario. You may reconstruct the same type of question and practice with it.

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