Common themes of L4M8 questions

Common themes of L4M8 questions

Unlike OR exams, CR exams such as L4M8 or L4M1 ask specific questions (often with scenario). It is hard to dictate where is the focus areas of these exams. We do a quick research on the Principal Marker reports to see which are the themes of L4M8 questions.

Mar-23Procurement Cycle stagesContract clausesWhole-life assets managementImpacts of ethical matters on the process and the market
Nov-22Market analysisSupplier selection criteriaHidden costsSupplier monitoring with ethical focus
July-22Key stages of procurement cycleAdded value of sourcing process stageElements of whole life asset managementEthical and responsible sourcing
May-22Procurement CycleModel forms contractWhole life costEthical sourcing
Mar-22Early supplier involvementEffective contract managementWLAM costsEthical sourcing solution
Nov-21Contract management & supplier relationship managementSupplier selection stageHidden costs & senior management supportEthical sourcing and CSR
Jul-21Contract managementExpress contract termsWhole life asset costingFraud, Bribery and Corruption
May-21Supplier managementExpress contract termsDisposal of assetSocial impact of a business
Mar-21CIPS Procurement CycleSupplier evaluationAcquisition and operation costsThe need for ethical and responsible sourcing
Jan-21OutsourcingContractual termsDecommissioning processEthical and sustainable KPIs
Nov-20Tender processFinancial ratiosWLC stagesCIPS Code of Conduct
Sep-20Early supplier involvementModel forms of contractWLC stagesFraud and Bribery
Jul-20Market analysis and testingFinancial ratiosWLC elementsCIPS Code of Conduct

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  1. A very useful resource – well timed in publication, too, with exams next week!
    Thank you.

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