Brace yourself, new syllabus is coming!

Brace yourself, new syllabus is coming!

CIPS has released the new syllabus content this year. Students can buy new study guides and e-book from CIPS website since late July 2023. This happens every five years. The change from 2013 syllabus to 2018 one was bigger than this time. You don’t have to worry about the changes. They are minor. You can take your time to finish your Level 4 exams. The only exception is L4M8, which has a lot of revision.

We have read the new study guides, and here is what we found:

  • L4M1: Some chapters are reorganized, but no major change.
  • L4M2: Some section titles are changed, but the content is similar.
  • L4M3: Almost the same as before. Express and implied terms have some updates as the contract legislation changes.
  • L4M4: The study guide is shorter and clearer. 4 chapters become 3. It is actually a combination of chapter 3 and 4. There is more emphasis on ESG. Incoterms 2020 and new legislations are also introduced.
  • L4M5: Some rearrangement. The content is mostly the same as the current syllabus.
  • L4M6: Almost unchanged.
  • L4M7: QR code is added as a product coding option besides barcode and RFID6. Chapter 3 focuses more on ESG.
  • L4M8: This module has the biggest change. We will explain the change in another post.

How will these changes affect the exam?

The changes are minor, but we expect that the question banks are updated. There might be new questions in both OR and CR forms that test more details in the study guides. Therefore, studying various topics could help you prepare for the exam. We are working hard to create new practice questions based on the new syllabus. The new syllabus will be used from March 2024 exam series.

Also, the current exam fees are valid until October 2023. From November 2023, there might be a new fee schedule. Students might see a small price increase, like 3-4% rise.

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